Why Outdoor Parties Always Beat Indoor Parties

Summer is near, (Not that we really have any other season in Southern California) and you know what that means. Time to break out the swimsuits, beach balls, and margarita mix. Planning a party at your home is always a good time. There is nothing better than having friends and family over after a long week at work. If you have a spacious interior and exterior, it can be hard to decide if you want to do an inside or outside party. Well, given it’s not raining or freezing outside, I think that outdoor parties always trump indoor parties and here are a few reasons why:

More Options:

When you have parties inside, it can be limiting to your guests. Having parties outside gives your guests more options. Maybe you have a pool? Having your party outside means that some guests can be in the pool, some can be chatting it up on the side, and others can walk around in the path you have in your garden. This way, even if you’re having a loosely structured party, your guests won’t get bored.

It’s Cooler Outside:

When parties happen that are strictly inside, people always tend to get hot. They end up asking to go outside anyways, so why not just start the party outside. It is Southern California, after all, home of perfect weather. If it gets chilly, maybe there is a fire pit situation in your yard that you’d love to show off, if not, portable heaters are always an inexpensive option.

 More Space:

Having a party outside means not having to cap off your guest list because of limited spacing. There is always space for more when your guests are outside. Just grab a few more chairs and you’re good to go!

 Less Clean-Up:

While outdoor parties still definitely require a little bit of clean-up, you’re more likely to have used throw away plates and cutlery thus decreasing the clean up that you may have had if the party was indoors.

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