Sustainable Outdoor Living Trends for 2020 in Manhattan Beach, CA

It’s no secret that eco-conscious sustainable landscaping choices are good for the planet, easy to care for, and beautiful. Manhattan Beach, California is practically paradise with a mild climate, beautiful landscapes, and luxurious homes. However, while we have our fair share (or perhaps a little more!) of sunshine, water is a resource that’s a little more limited. Sustainable outdoor living is a term designed to describe landscaping choices that enhance the best features of an area and preserve limited resources.

Southern California homeowners are no strangers to sustainable outdoor living. Many homes in Manhattan Beach, CA already take advantage of local vegetation that survives the arid climate with little maintenance. Trends for 2020 are likely to continue in this direction. However, the idea will go even further for more sustainability and function than ever before. Here are four trends to put your SoCal home ahead of the curve for 2020.

Blended Gardens Create Function and Beauty

Combining edible and ornamental plants creates a garden that’s both beautiful and functional. If you’ve always wanted a vegetable garden but thought you didn’t have the room, this could be your ultimate solution. For yards short on space, vertical gardens and containers can be utilized for an alternative. A strategically placed mixture of sustainable ornamental plants can beautifully complement your favorite vegetables, fruits, and herbs. These attractive gardens can be an asset to your existing outdoor landscaping space, offering a lovely view from your outdoor kitchen, patio, or dining area.

Additionally, many edible plants are also ornamental. If you don’t consider vegetables to be ornamental plants, you may not be thinking about the right varieties. Many fruits and vegetables are attractive. Consider adding these to your ornamental garden space.

  • Heirloom tomatoes
  • Colorful peppers
  • Eggplants
  • Kale
  • Swiss chard
  • Many herbs provide stunning additions to your garden

Xeriscaping Meets Wildlife for Refuge

Xeriscaping is a technique that uses plants to naturally beautify your landscape without depleting essential resources. Usually in California, this means eliminating the bulk of turf grass in favor of plants, hardscapes, and useful outdoor features. Successful xeriscaping often begins with choosing plants that are local to the area. These plants are more likely to thrive in a drought-prone climate. It’s common to see beautiful sustainable yards in Manhattan Beach as many residents have already discovered the value of low water landscaping.

Obviously, this trend isn’t going anywhere in 2020. The idea is to take xeriscaping one step further to include the natural ecosystem in Southern California. As cities and suburbs spread, the habitat for wildlife shrinks. Xeriscaping in 2020 will strive to offer refuge to local wildlife while keeping your outdoor space beautiful. Easy ways to offer a natural wildlife oasis include using seed and berry-producing plants, eliminating chemical insecticides, and replacing more turf grass with functional plants and bushes.

Increased Functionality Provides Comfort and Function

California’s mild climate makes bringing the indoors outside a natural choice. Manhattan Beach homeowners love the outdoors, but there’s no reason to endure it without the same luxurious comfort you prefer inside your home. Hardscapes not only beautify gardens and save resources, but they can also be your best friend when it comes to outdoor comfort. Outdoor kitchens, patios, and dining spaces are practically expected in SoCal yards and gardens. In 2020, outdoor comfort and functionality move center stage with more ways to exist outside in comfort and style. Here are a few things you might see more of in the upcoming year:

Outdoor Living Trends for 2020

  • Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces for year-round comfort
  • Natural walls for separation of outdoor work and play
  • Seamless separations from indoors to outdoors
  • Functional spaces for the whole family whether you desire dining areas, a children’s play space, or a family pool; everything will work together
  • Luxurious furniture designed to withstand the elements
  • Pergolas, porches, and patios with covers to provide comfort throughout the year

Natural Materials for Sustainable Outdoor Living

Fancy details move over in favor of longevity and natural beauty. Natural wood is both functional and beautiful, so expect to see it everywhere in 2020. Without making major changes, wood is a great material for trim, decorative touches, and stability in the form of posts or outdoor structures. As walkways, driveways, and patios get larger to eliminate grass turf, natural stone is utilized for beauty and sustainability.

Natural walls will be a multi-functional way to add beauty and sustainable privacy to outdoor spaces. Hedges form boundaries, vertical gardens become walls or fences, and flowering plants and bushes create attractive borders for garden spaces and property lines. These attributes are easy to maintain and last for years.

Getting Ahead of the Curve with Manhattan Beach, California Outdoor Living Trends

If you’re ready to take your sustainable outdoor space to the next level, proper landscaping is key. Professional local landscaping experts have a deep understanding of the local climate and drought-tolerant plants for xeriscaping results that are both attractive and functional. Taking advantage of your outdoor space is as easy as following your dreams. Extend your living space, increase your property value, and enjoy both work and play on your Manhattan Beach property with sustainable outdoor living landscaping changes.

If you’re already planning for the changes you make to your outdoor living space in 2020, these trends are a good way to get started. In fact, it’s a great time to be the trendsetter in your area and start making changes early. Cutting Edge Landscape Design specializes in sustainable living and low-water landscaping in Manhattan Beach and the surrounding Southern California area. If you’re ready to get started with your yard transformation before 2020 arrives, get in touch today for details about all of our professional services.

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