The Newest Drought-Friendly Solution to Ugly Lawns

The wonderful world of Disney. Its every child’s dream to grow up with talking animals, go on daring adventures without getting hurt, and fall in love with a prince and live happily ever after.

Every day is beautiful and even the poorest and most dismal of towns sparkle in the sun and cascade with lush grasses. Sounds like a dream come true! But most of these realities are shattered when we grow up and realize that mermaids aren’t real, magic won’t do dishes, and Miracle Grow© can’t give you an enchanted bean stock, or even save your lawn from this drought. No wonder the queen is always evil; her garden is crispy brown in front of her palace.

But wait! Before all your hopes of finding a miracle potion are lost, do not despair! This time, the magic is real! I have found a true charm to turn your ugly lawn beautiful once again, and there is not need for a fairy godmother or soul-binding contract.

Everyone knows what a pain maintaining a healthy lawn can be, even during good watering conditions, but the H2O hold up has made this fantasy forever unreachable.

According to Josh Cox at AJ+, it takes about 60 gallons of water to keep 100 square-feet of lawn looking decent every week, and that would be a lot more water if you had a king sized lawn. But with the cutbacks on water supplies, even all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not get the grass looking sharp again.

However, the Queen of Hearts had one nifty trick to turn her yucky yard into the picture perfect scene: She painted her roses red. Turns out this cartoony concealment is not that far off the drawing board. The newest rage in lawn saving technology is actually painting over your crusty lawn.


Several house painting or landscaping companies are now using their artistic touch to bring grass back to life, or at least revitalize it again. By using special paints, these wizards can give your lawn the most natural hair dye that can last for 2-3 months and is completely safe and water friendly.

The paints used are made from natural stains and nontoxic extracts, so little princes, princesses, and the royal dog can roam free without any danger. Worried about your lawn looking toxic green? Have no fear! The color is made from other plant dyes, so the grass looks like nature intended it to. Plus, the paint goes on easily with a sprayer, dries quickly, and you won’t need a princely ransom to afford this magic solution; landscaping companies usually offer a free estimate of prices and will work within your budget, so even you can have a garden fit for king!

And there is no water needed, your grass will look forest green without having to water at all for months! Talk about a budget saver, and Mother Nature would be proud too.

This is one Disney Dream that has come true. Take the advice of Alice and paint your garden the way the Queen would want it to look. Very soon you’ll be finding yourself in a Wonderland, and you won’t have to break the budget, burst the water cap, or even fall down a rabbit hole to get there.

If you are interested in turning your palace into the perfect kingdom, or if you have any more questions, please contact us at The Cutting Edge Landscape or call (310) 406-2251.