Revamp Your Yard With a Backyard Makeover

Outdoor areas are quintessential to Southern California living. In the Los Angeles area, luxury and comfort always come hand in hand. While the beach and coastline may be an extension of your home, you can bring the ambiance even closer by designing an outdoor living space you love. While a backyard, patio, and even a pool area are at the top of homebuyers’ must-have lists, the act of designing a comfortable and enticing area can be a challenge.

Cutting Edge Landscape Design masterfully combines the art of landscaping with functional, stylish design. Although you may expect backyard renovations to take weeks or months, we specialize in bringing comfort closer to you, and we can make a real impact in just a few days. A “yard refresher,” for example, is the landscape equivalent of a mini-facelift. With minimal downtime and incredible results, your backyard can transform into an outdoor oasis in less than a week.

What is a Backyard Makeover?

green garden with blue and purple flowers and stone pathway

Small things can create lasting change, especially when it comes to backyard landscaping and design. A backyard makeover begins by identifying key focal points in your yard, which allows us to determine exactly which aspects of your yard to focus on. For those who love hosting friends and family, elements such as a gorgeous dining space, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and ample seating are ideal. 

Those who want to restore their backyard for rest and relaxation can focus on potential self-care design pieces such as a small yoga deck, hammock, cozy reading space, or a beautiful personal garden.

A Yard Refresher with Cutting Edge Landscape Design

front entrance to a large brick home, beautifully manicured front lawn and landscape design

Rather than overhauling your entire backyard, the makeover process for a yard refresher is faster but not any less impactful. We’ll focus on creating ambience you can build upon over time. Details we will explore include:

We want to help you design a space that reflects your personality and makes your home life more enjoyable. As people spend more time at home than ever, it’s important to cultivate a space that feels as expansive and comfortable as possible.

Your Yard Redefined

entrance to home with black door, trimmed trees, flowers and bushes

A yard refresher may be exactly what you need to turn your house into your dream home. Whether your goal is entertaining or unwinding by the pool, a backyard makeover rooted in landscape design will instantly make your space feel more vibrant.

Being surrounded by nature also doesn’t require a passion for gardening. We specialize in xeriscaping and installing low-water landscaping that’s environmentally friendly and effortlessly beautiful, as well as artificial lawns.

Determining what works best for you and your home begins with a conversation with the landscape design experts. How do you see yourself in your outdoor space? What simple alterations would have the biggest impact on your backyard transformation? We’d love to help you find the answer and implement the most awe-inspiring results.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation and learn more about how our services can assist in your backyard transformation.