Personal Putting Green

Create a Personal Home Golf Putting Green

If you or someone in your family lives to golf, why not create your very own person home golf putting green this year? Once only a dream for the very wealthy, today, more ordinary homeowners are designing their own unique landscaped lawns to suit their personal outdoor activity preferences. If people in the neighborhood can make a space for volleyball, basketball or tennis, why indeed not a golfing green?

How Large Should a Home Golf Putting Green Be?

Most home golf greens are about 1,000 square feet in size. Many homeowners have the room and the inclination to put in a larger course area. The average golf course green is anywhere from 3,000 square feet up to 12,000. That said, it’s becoming clearer to see that there are options in creating a home based golfing space everyone will envy.

What Type of Material Should Be Used in Making a Golf Putting Green?

These putting greens can be made from a number of synthetic green turf material. There are pros and cons for each one, and the best way to determine what is right for your yard is to compare all of the options. This material is also sold by the foot for a pricing idea.

To create a miniature golf course will require about just under 1/2 acre of land. This size can be reduced if it is built indoors. It is remarkable at how much fun having a home golf putting space can be. This is a wonderful idea to entertain friends and family, and the fresh air and exercise doesn’t hurt either. There are several tips for creating your personal golf green from expert landscapers that homeowners should take heed of.

Tips for Professional Landscapers to Build the Best Home Golfing Green

The course should be close enough to inspire using it of course. However, it is important not to place the green too close to the house. Keep flying balls away from windows and other areas by carefully determining where the best spot in your yard is before beginning the fun project. Consulting with a professional landscaper familiar with these courses is a good idea. It is also wise to keep the green away from driveways or roads where cars may be parked just in case an errant ball goes farther than expected.

To keep the game or practice fun, add some interesting twists and dimensions into your golf green design. Make it personal by adding your own special touches. At least 3 holes, perhaps a sand trap and other elements will keep things lively.

While it is technically possible to create a personal green with real grass, the maintenance and upkeep work makes this a poor choice for most. Other factors that real grass lawns possess are uneven mounds, holes, sunken areas and other issues. Most professional landscapers recommend using an artificial turf. These are easy to maintain, can withstand extreme temperatures and aren’t harmed by rain. Using this as your golf green choice makes your new area almost always ready for action when you are.

Add nighttime lighting for added benefits. This makes it possible to golf after the sun goes down. Installing these lights can be affordable and provides extra security for your property in general. This is terrific for weekend games and nighttime practice runs when its too hot to sleep.

Some people that have pets wonder if artificial turf is the best choice for their family. During the day, some turfs do heat up when in direct sunlight. Just ensure that your dogs or other pets have a nearby location that either has real grass or is shaded more to protect their tender paws if they are insistent on watching you play. These turfs typically drain away water quickly, and any pet mess is a simple matter to clean up. Consider adding a fence to keep pets enclosed when necessary or to help stop runaway balls.

All said, adding a home golf putting green is a wonderful investment opportunity that can bring your family years of enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. Backyard BBQs will be even better, and this is an excellent way to teach your children or grandchildren your secrets to playing this sporting game. This would make an ideal gift for anyone that enjoys a good game of golf.