Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

Just because you have a small yard, doesn’t mean you can’t have grand ideas. There are so many ways to maximize your small space and make a simple backyard into an absolutely spectacular one. Here are a few very specific ways that can help you maximize your space and give yourself the backyard that you’ve been dreaming of.

5 Brilliant Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

Use Color Wisely
You would be amazed how using color effectively can make your small yard feel like a big paradise. Color stimulates the brain and contributes to the emotions that you are feeling which can help to make your yard feel larger than it is. Strategically placing a colorful flowerbed or adding a small garden of tomatoes can make a big effect.

Break Up Your Yard
Breaking up your yard into small sections can make it feel much larger. Isolating a small space into several smaller spaces gives the impression that there is more than one location even though there is just one. It gives visitors different things to focus on and makes them feel like their mind is never bored. Adding a rose bush in one place, a hardscaped path in another, and a small nook-like sitting area somewhere else can make your yard feel limitless.  Using different textures can also help separate your yard into different sections. For example big and bold plants have a much different texture than rose bushes and small gardens.

Create A Destination
Similar to breaking up your yard, making a destination can also be an effective way to make the most of a small backyard. This is a brilliant idea when it comes to landscaping ideas for small yards because it takes the guest on a small adventure. Take your small yard and make it bigger by focusing on one small part. Use a hardscaped path to lead you to one very special location like a pergola with a rocking chair or a chaise lounge by a fountain surrounded by flowers. Your guests will be so charmed by your tiny getaway.

Create A Focal Point
Think of your backyard as a wedding table. When strangers gather at weddings, there is always an elaborate centerpiece on each table. When people find that they have run out of things to talk about, discussing the beautiful detailing of the centerpiece is always a fun conversation that doesn’t take away from the specialness of the wedding, but adds to it. In the same way, creating a focal point in your backyard gives visitors something grand to focus on. A beautiful statue or fountain doesn’t take away from the rest of the backyard, but it adds to the specialness of it. There are so many cool things to consider when looking for landscaping ideas for small yards. If you find yourself lacking inspiration there are plenty of websites like Houzz and Pinterest that are great for discovering new creative ways to decorate your small yard. Most of the ideas are very cost effective and resourceful and some
of the ideas are even DIY! For more information on landscaping and hardscaping check out some other articles at