Landscaping Design Software

Landscaping can be fun. And with all of the free resources online to help you, it can be really fun. Landscaping design software for free and other helpful websites can be the key to making your backyard one to be reckoned with. Are you in need help designing your backyard, but you’re not quite ready to call a professional in yet? Have no fear! The internet has lots to offer you….for FREE! And here it is…

Landscaping design Software Free:

With Smartdraw’s floor plan software, landscaping could not get any easier. They even have floor plan templates to help you get started on your project! After choosing a floor plan template, you can use ready-made visuals of furniture and other fixtures and customize your landscaping until you have the perfect landscape design. Try Smartdraw for free here. Plan-A-Garden Tool:
With Bhg’s plan-a-garden tool, you can design your garden online for free with ease. Add structures, plants, and other accents at the click of a button. This tool is available online where you can create a profile and save as you go.

Houzz is a landscaping design wonderland. Not only does Houzz help you to figure out exactly what you want and where you want to put it, but it also helps you get in contact with the contractors that design the things that you see that you like!

While Pinterest is a social media site that isn’t just used for landscaping, it definitely can be helpful when looking for ideas. Create a board filled with ideas for your backyard landscaping so that when you’re ready to put it into action, you know exactly what you need! So what are you waiting for? Go get started on your landscaping using your free landscaping design software! And once you’re done, don’t forget to share your ideas with your friendly landscaping contractors over at