The California Homeowner’s Guide To Green Living

The big question of everyone’s mind is how do I stay “green”? Green practices can not only save you a ton of money, but can make a huge positive impact on your carbon footprint. By making some simple changes and making nominal investments, you can do your part and slowly make the transition into a greener lifestyle. Here is some information from The California Homeowner’s Guide To Green Living. Let this info guide you into a new way of conserving and an overall better way of living!

One of the most common ways to making the green transition is to make use of solar panels for your home. If you have a pool, you can “solar heat” the water which can save you thousands per year. Additionally, depending upon your house’s exposure to sunlight, you can even supplement your home’s electricity usage.

Need some inspiration?

Living Walls

As quoted from

“A living wall is a vertical arrangement of plants and other organisms that naturally removes toxins and unhealthy contaminants from the air that we breathe. Living walls can be complete ecosystems or simpler configurations of plants that thrive in and help to decontaminate urban environments. Many living walls are indoors, but they can also be outdoors, such as on the exterior walls of buildings.”

Learn how to make a living wall here:


Artificial Grass

Artificial grass can be a great choice when thinking about your lawnscape. Think about it, low maintenance costs, zero water costs, etc.

Use recycled materials

Check out these great ideas for utilizing recycled materials in your garden’s design.

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