Benefits of Installing a Beautiful Luxury Pool or Spa Into Your Landscape

Many homeowners today are realizing the many benefits of installing a beautiful and luxurious pool and/or a lavish spa into their landscapes. Not only do these special luxury home features make the property more attractive, installing these will increase the overall value and worth of your home and property as well. More prospective home buyers shop for homes that already have a custom pool or other water features like a fountain or spa. Homeowners that have one or more of these items will likely get a better price for their home if they do decide to sell sometime in the future.

Some Unique and Gorgeous Pool and Home Spa Ideas for 2019

The days of cookie-cutter type housing neighborhoods have pretty much passed. Homeowners today want their homes to reflect their true personalities and do not want their properties to look just like every other house on the block. A lot of homeowners are learning how easy it is to build a custom luxury pool or add a relaxing and soothing hot tub. There are a lot of cool new pool and spa trends already being shown in 2019.

For starters, more properties are being graced with originally designed pools in shapes and sizes that best work in each property space. Some homeowners have limited space in one direction but have more in another. In these cases, they are often able to build a pool that runs the other direction or has a curved shape to make the best use of the available space limitations. Look for kidney shaped pools, more water features, impressive decking designs and pools being built right into the natural landscape.

Other trending pool ideas include rooftop pools that give swimmers a sweeping view of distant horizons. Pools can be crafted into a figure eight or more like a pear if the space permits. Other exciting pool trends have fun slides, custom covers, poolside lounge upgrades, and sensational lighting effects. For those that cannot afford a pool or lack the space, installing a luxurious spa can be a wonderful alternative. More landscapers are now able to design a space that blends any present water fixture into the bigger picture. Cascading waterfalls, impressive fountains and trickling rock garden streams all can add the relaxing sights and sounds that water invokes in all of us.

Creating a Sensational Hangout or Entertainment Spot Outdoors

Upgrading your landscaping to include some of the newer options in outdoor living spaces can make your home the “in” place where everyone will want to be. Keep your teens home more by installing lovely pool areas with a comfy seating area and plenty of loungers for snoozes after a dip. Consider using natural stones to create a circular fire pit area encircled by stone benches. These spaces can be artfully blended right into an outdoor above ground or in-ground swimming pool. Add some mood lighting and speakers for music and your new teen hangout is complete. Parents can also use the space when the kids are in school for an added bonus.

How a Home Pool and/or a Luxury Spa Can Be Good for Your Health

Many people are unaware of the many health benefits that a home pool or spa can bring. Those with arthritis or other aching joint diseases often have difficulties and experience pain when they try to get in their exercise. Physical therapists have long recommended doing exercises in a heated pool. This gives resistance that can build muscle strength but is easier on joints, especially the knees. A soak in a hot tub can also relax individuals and ease nagging aches and pains away. Learn more about the health benefits possible with a readily accessible home pool or hot tub. Either would make excellent gifts for an aging parent with some developing mobility issues.

More Intriguing Pool Designs All Homeowners Should Consider

There are some mesmerizing and very intriguing pool designs showing up all over the place. Create a central island in the center of your pool with connecting steps that form a walking bridge pathway. Make the center sunken in and the surrounding area wide enough to keep splashes away from any comfortable sectional sofas that you place there. How about a swim-up bar with curvy lines with one edge in the water? Keep your pool party guests safe by hiring a professional bartender. Create your very own lazy river run by cascading water down a slope that fills a circular stream. Far better than driving miles to a crowded water park.

Homeowners have so many more options in pool designs and landscaping that fits each home in a unique way. Whether desiring a simple pool with some added features or yearning for an all-out spa-like retreat, anything is possible with a little imagination and some artistic talent. Landscapers today are creating multi-level backyard entertainment spaces stunning enough that you would expect to see them at a famous celebrities own home.

Even if there is a lack of space, with the many options available today a pool or spa is not out of the question. It is even possible to link a second-floor balcony with steps that go right down into your magnificent pool area. Add a fire feature to complement your new water displays and fixtures. A new pool or hot spa is worth the expense and effort. Vacation home instead!