Backyard Party Ideas for Spring

If you’ve been putting in a lot of work for your outdoor living space lately, chances are you’re going want a good excuse to show it off, so why not throw a party? We’ve decided to give you some backyard party ideas for spring to help make your party planning a little easier.

5 Backyard Party Ideas for Spring

It may be a simple solution, but you should:

 1. Throw a potluck

Having a potluck not only relieves the added stress of preparing food, it makes the attendees feel more involved.

Make sure to assign drinks, food, disposable plates, etc. to your guests to ensure that you have everything. Also, it would probably be a good idea to have some backups in case there are no-shows.

Need some inspiration? Check this post about community potlucks on Martha Stewart’s blog:

 2. Have plenty of seating

This may seem obvious, but you need to make sure there are plenty of places for your guests to put their feet up and relax. Even if you’re short on chairs, blankets on the grass with some throw pillows make as a great lounge!

 3. Music!

It’s not a party without music. Check out the Ourdoor Speakers category on Amazon for some great buys 

Consider using a service like Pandora or Spotify so you don’t have to worry about music selection and can simply choose a genre or artist preference and hit play!

 4. Outdoor Lighting

Great lighting can make or break a party. Some simple ideas include stringing white Christmas lights on your trees or using cheap tiki torches to add to the atmosphere.

Need inspiration? Check out some of these ideas from pinterest

5. Games / Entertainment

Check out this category on Amazon for some great yard game ideas

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