450 Million Reasons You Should Remove Your Lawn

As we all very well know, California is in a terrible drought. So terrible, in fact, Governor Jerry Brown instituted the first ever water-saving mandate in California’s history ordering that cities take measures to reduce their water usage by 8%- 36% or get fined a great deal of money.

While that may not be such great news, this story does have an upside.

Because the State wants everyone to participate in helping to save California’s water, they are offering major bucks to people who actually help out. To see a list of active Water Rebates that you can participate in click here.

As of June 30th, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California recently boosted the water conservation rebate fund by $350 million which brings the total rebate fund to an overwhelming $450 million. If this isn’t screaming, “HOMEOWNERS- STOP USING WATER!” I don’t know what can.

In addition to receiving rebates for removing your lawn, you can also receive government funds for the following:

You can also save water, your lawn, and money in other ways by replacing your lawn with mulch and adding a few drought-tolerant plants to your landscaping. If you’re thinking about doing either of these things or have a landscaping question, let us over at Cutting Edge Landscape give you a hand.

Cutting Edge Landscape is well aware of California’s water problem and knows very well how to take care of your landscaping during the drought. If you have any questions about how to conserve water and still have an amazing landscaping, give us a call at (310) 406-2251. We can’t wait to hear from you soon.