5 Tips for Creating the Best Outdoor Living Space in Southern California

Outdoor living spaces are rapidly gaining popularity in Southern California, especially with people spending so much more time at home. Your outdoor spaces are an extension of your home’s living space and should be relaxing areas where you can connect with friends, family, and nature. Designing the ideal outdoor living space may prove challenging, however, especially if you don’t have any experience in yard design and planning. That’s why Cutting Edge Landscape Design is here for all of your home landscaping and yard design needs. If you’re thinking of designing a functional outdoor space right at home, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Define Your Outdoor Living Space

outdoor living room with barbecue, furniture, and fireplace

The best outdoor furniture and lighting can be beautiful additions to your outdoor living space, but if they aren’t set up optimally, the area can end up looking disjointed with unused space. That’s why it’s essential to define your outdoor area using a planned yard design before you begin. This process requires a few decisions upfront, such as choosing the highlights you’d like in your yard — like a fire pit, pool, or outdoor kitchen. Or perhaps you’d like to plan the space around raised garden beds, a water feature, or a putting green. The choice is all yours, and we can help you once you define the key aspects of your outdoor living space. 

Choose Furniture and Highlights that Pop

The furniture, highlights, plants, and accessories in your outdoor living space will depend on how you’d like to use the space, and how often. If you’re thinking mostly of using it for lounging, reading, and rest, for example, you’ll want to keep things simple with less seating and shared spaces. Or, if you’re planning on having larger gatherings and entertaining, you’ll want to consider adding multiple seats, chairs, and functional tables for drinks and food placement. 

For a pool as the highlight, hardscaping, or a garden, your accents and furniture choices would be different, depending on your design. We’re here to help you figure out all the small details here at Cutting Edge Landscape Design by helping you create a plan with ease.

Light Up Your Beautiful Yard

outdoor lighting lamps lit up at night

Creating a lighting plan is important to us, especially since so many Southern California nights can be enjoyed outdoors. With options for solar-powered lighting, low-energy use, and more, you can enhance your outdoor spaces and create a pleasant ambiance with little hassle. Use lighting to show off the most stunning features of your yard at night and create a safe and vibrant area for evening use. The options are endless! Outdoor lights can be used in many ways to help create the exact look and feel you desire.

Plan for the Southern California Weather

Since your outdoor space will be susceptible to all types of weather, including wind, rain, sunshine, and colder temperatures here in Southern California, your design must be able to withstand all of the weather conditions and be easy for you to manage when the weather changes. All products included in your plans should be designed for the outdoors, as indoor items just won’t survive long in the elements. At Cutting Edge Landscape Design, we know just which products work best in our beautiful local neighborhoods and communities, and can help you choose the perfect outdoor products for your space.  

Relax in Your Outdoor Space

woman lounging in a pool with a sun hat


Aim to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere within your outdoor space, no matter your design focus. Your home is yours to enjoy, and it’s important to have a relaxing outdoor space you love, right in your own backyard. Accessorize with a few throw pillows and rugs to add a cozy feel, if they fit your style and vibe. Add some artistic flair if that’s what you love. Once the plan is made and the outdoor landscaping project of your dreams is complete, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this delightful space that’s all your own.

Let Cutting Edge Landscape Design help you plan your new outdoor space, which can become as comfortable and enjoyable as any other room within the house! We’re the experts when it comes to helping you make the most out of your yard and outdoor spaces, whether they’re big, small, commercial, or residential. Contact us to learn more about our expert landscaping design in Southern California, from Newport Beach to Manhattan Beach.