5 Garden Designs for the Novice Gardener

Trying to create garden designs when not having any experience in a garden can be tricky. Many people make mistakes and it can end up with ugly gardens and bad landscaping. Here are five helpful garden ideas for anyone who has never landscaped before.


If you are not the expert gardener, it’s ok. Flowerbeds are easy to plant and simple to manage. They are also great for adding color and filling in the gaps of your garden. Flowerbeds can be filled with many different varieties of flowers which provide a surplus of looks and designs to choose from. Flowerbeds also can be put in a variety of locations including sunny, shaded, flat, and sloped terrain.

There is a variety of perennials which can fill flowerbeds. Hostas, for instance, can be placed in almost any location. Shady areas, hard dirt, and sloppy terrain can host these plants. Hostas can be found in many shapes and sizes. Their color varieties are white, pink, and lavender usually, and therefore, can match many other areas of your yard.

Coneflowers can also provide beauty for various flowerbeds. Coneflowers are not only known for bringing in beautiful butterflies, but for their variety in color such as white, orange, yellow, and deep red. These flowers are called coneflowers because their pedals dip backwards towards the ground for insects of all species to enjoy.

Save Money through Small Liners

If you are on a budget but want to line your property or outside garden, small liners are a good way to go. Ornament grasses are a good example of a small, inexpensive, yet durable liner plant. Ornament grasses remove the need for ceramic pot prices and above-level planting. Many people do not realize their liners will also grow into bigger plants. Soon those liners which were tiny before will turn into plants no one knew were only liners. There are small plants, trees, and shrub liners which are also inexpensive and functional in most gardens.

A Vegetable Garden

Saving money on vegetables of various varieties can be extremely beneficial if you wanted to plant a vegetable garden. When designing your landscape, if you want organic and homegrown vegetables to be a part there are a few things you should know.

Vegetable gardens require love and attention. Determine which vegetables you would like to plant and research the merchandise needed to help them grow such as seeds, fences, and manure. Water extra during dry periods and also know what type of vegetable area you want to build. Depending on if it is barrel, above-ground beds, or surface level soil; the vegetable treatment might be handled differently. Vegetable gardens are always lovely for giving back to the gardener and your family.

Drought Resistant Plants

In the Los Angeles area it is hard to tell at times when a drought is coming. Southern California received one of the biggest droughts in decades not too long ago. This makes having plants which can withstand a drought ever more important in your garden designs.

Many trees are considered drought resistant such as the Washington Robusta  and the Laurus Nobilis. Washington Robustas are big trees for larger landscaping projects, but can have small sizes for indoor projects additionally. They are usually easy to grow and do not need a certain type of soil. Laurus Nobilis are commonly known as “Sweet Bay” and are known in the large and small varieties. Many people use these trees as decorative potted plants and are hedged to make a beautiful visual appeal.

There are several plants as well which can withstand a drought such as the Anigozanthos flavidus and the manglesii. If you need plants or trees which can survive on less water, luckily there are choices such as these at your disposal.

Some Light Lighting

Lighting can seem like a huge task needing a lot of money and hardscape, but it actually can be easy and affordable. Garden lighting can serve several purposes. Lights can helps accentuate pathways, porches, shrubs, and trees. They also can create an ambient feel for anyone to provide a serene and appealing atmosphere.

When it comes to lighting, people usually make it an afterthought with their garden designs. Having a small amount of lighting in your garden can create an aesthetic ease which your plants may need. You do not want to think about this after have already finished your garden project. Instead, talk to your landscaper about how to incorporate lighting into your garden before you start your landscaping project.

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