4 Websites to Help You Stay Informed About the California Drought

As a resident of California, it’s important that you stay informed about the drought and about what you can do to help conserve water. The conditions of the drought are changing every day and you should be aware of how they are changing. The great thing is that in this day and age, you almost have to try to not be informed. With all the amazing resources available to all of us, it is easy to find out the information that you need and discover ways to stay involved in the drought process. There are even some amazing websites out there that are dedicated to helping you explain the drought and other natural disasters to you children. Here are a few websites that are dedicated to keeping you and your family in the loop about the drought:

  1. Ca.water.usgs.gov
    • This website gives a thorough account of all things pertaining to the drought. If you have questions about the timeline of the drought situation in California, this is a great resource for you. The website has a broad explanation as well as a specific breakdown of all of the factors. Some other great informational aspects of this California Drought Information Website are:
      • Effects of the Drought
      • Drought Water Managed
      • Picture of our Declining Water Reservoirs
      • Helpful Charts and Graphs Tracking the Drought
  1. Californiadrought.org
    • A product of the Pacific Institute in Oakland, This website’s main focus is on what is currently happening with California’s drought. In addition to the exact definition of a drought, it also has plenty of information about untapped water savings in California, California’s Residential and System water use. Here are a few other great resources you’ll find here:
      • Updates on California’s Current Conditions
      • Drought Monitor
      • Current Reservoir Conditions
      • Publications pertaining to the Drought 
  1. Drought.gov
    • The best thing about this website is its plethora of visual representations of the drought. From California’s current condition to a graph of predictions of California’s future in terms of water, this website has got it all. Some other great aspects of the website are:
      • Weekly Drought Updates
      • Graph of Severely Impacted Areas
      • Records of Meetings Pertaining to the Drought
      • A List of Stakeholders
      • Regional Programs
  1. Ready.gov
    • This website is a general prevention website that focuses on preparing kids for natural disasters. The cool thing about this website is that it has general information about droughts and is a great resource for helping to explain the current California Drought situation to your kids. It even includes a “Words to Know” section that explains big words that might be new to your children. This amazing website is divided into four amazing sections:
      • Make A Plan
      • Build A Kit
      • Know The Facts
      • Get Involved

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