5 Ways to Become the Neighborhood Rockstar

It used to be an insult when someone would question whether or not you lived under a rock. However, if these same words are uttered now, you should thank them for the compliment because it means you’re hip when it comes to being environmentally conscious. With the water crisis still looming over California, residences need to start grooving to a new beat when it comes to their yard attire. That new beat: Classic Rock!

With these fun and helpful tips, you can transform your dead and dying garden into the envy of the neighborhood with the assistance of rocks, and you’ll be rollin’ in no time!

1. “Another Brick in the Wall” – Pink Floyd

Maybe you aren’t quite the caveman connoisseur and haven’t embraced the rock lifestyle yet. Have no fear; a simple rock wall or border is just enough to get your feet wet. Choose some simple slate stones to line the bedding of your flower garden, circumference a tree, or build up around a tomato terrarium. Make it fun by creating interesting textures and patterns by intermixing different rock types, or make a bold statement with surrounding mulches for an added richness. You can even paint or stain the rocks for a personal artistic touch.

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2. “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” – The Wizard of Oz

Ok so maybe the wizard of Oz isn’t exactly Rock, but it is a classic, and the classics are the best. When it comes to traditional rocks, a pathway is the best way to go. You can’t go wrong with an intricate and creative walkway made of stone because it is both inviting and classy. Choose colored stone slabs or bricks that complement your house’s natural shade and lay them in a pattern that leads up to your entrance door. You can keep the path straight and simple or add curves or even stairs along the way for some more excitement. Fill in the cracks with tinted sand, mulch, or even moss to make the path look cohesive and alluring. Pretty soon, your neighbors will be arriving on your front door steps just to check out the brick road laid out before them.

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3. “Ring of Fire” – Johnny Cash

For those who choose Rock as their form of entertainment, perhaps a fire pit is your calling. Perfect for nighttime chit-chats and s’mores roasting, a fire pit is a essential centerpiece for any outdoor entertainment system. Just like when laying out a pathway, choose slab stones and arrange them into the desired patio shape, leaving the center void for the fire pit if you desire to have a built-in furnace. For the center, take your fire pit caldron and stack flat rocks at least a foot high around it in a circle to create an enclosed area for the fire. Make sure the patio is large enough to not only house the fire pit, but also fireside furniture like tables and chairs. In addition, be aware that fires create sparks, so if your patio is not all that large, clear away any surrounding brush that could potentially catch fire if in contact with burning embers.

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4. “Porch Swing in Tupelo”: Elton John 

A great way to enjoy your neighborhood is by being able to watch it on your very own patio porch (a swing is optional but recommended). The desired porch is created by mounting piles of dirt or concrete to form levels that lead up to your house’s entryway. The final level is your porch, so make sure it is large enough to house all the furniture and desired activities you wish to enjoy while outside. Large sheets of stone are then laid over the dirt levels to create an even surface. This task may need more than just your own two hands and will power to accomplish, however. Therefore, contact your local landscaping company to help level the ground and lay out stone for your perfect patio.

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5. “Have You ever Seen the Rain?” – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Have you seen the rain lately? I know I haven’t! And no rain means no water to irrigate our gardens. Therefore, if you are truly the rock and roll artist, this last stone salvation may be your calling. Many people have already embraced the concept of desert-friendly plants to cut water costs, but more are looking into the idea of an all-embracing rock garden. The complete, or near complete, overhaul of all plant life is bold, but can be done quite tastefully with the right kinds of rocks. The most popular, depending on your area, are rich black river rocks because of their uniform shape and shine. However, adding different colors and types of stone lead to endless possibilities when creating your perfect yard. Experiment between altering sizes from as small as sand to large granite boulders in order to create your picture-perfect Zen zone.

(Source: Homedit)

The good thing about all rocks is that not a single one ever needs water to stay looking vibrant and beautiful, thus making stone the desired drought friendly solution to yards. Even a little patch of grass that is replaced by stone can save countless gallons of water and costs on your utility bill.

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